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AGE GROUPS -Upper Kindergarten 4-5 years old

Upper Kindergarten 4-5 years old: Whole day: 4,000 CNY

Working on a full day schedule the curriculum is more focused on academic learning, logical reasoning and responsibility while still ensuring the children have fun. Our customised (Montessori, traditional and mind development ) StartSmart4kids (r) curriculum is designed to speed up the learning process with each child moving forward at his/her own pace of work.

Each child will be independently working on tasks/activities within the group environment but closely monitored by our professional teachers and motivational support staff.

All lessons are conducted in English or Chinese and then reinforced in the other language to build upon your child’s language skills. The education has been structured to ensure that, when children leave at 6 for their next level of education or prep school, they have the confidence and independence to take on the exciting challenges ahead.

We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.
We know that education is everything to our children’s future in a global world where children from different continents will compete for jobs.

“The foundation for a learning journey through life”.