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Tai Chi Classes

~ Visualisation

~ Gentle

~ Flowing movement

~ Breathing exercises

~ Focus


TaiChi to start every morning...

At CIS we have created a separate section of our classroom training that specialises in the Art of Tai-Chi. Full tuition and training will be supplemented by individual coaching thus ensuring pupils aims and aspirations are met with ease and without stress.

Tai Chi helps kids to believe in themselves at the beginning of the school day helps them become calm and focused on the day ahead. Improves co-ordination, concentration, increases positive energy, and helps any children with a low attention span.

We feel this is one of the simplest ways to improve physical and mental health. Designed to move almost every part of your body, we focus on posture and inner harmony. A great way to start the day for both children and teachers! Dance and ballet feature in our curriculum as well.

"The foundation for a learning
journey through life."






Yin Yang