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The Ingredients for developing a well balanced child at a Cambridge International School.

Social Functions: Confidence, Self-esteem, Inter-personal skills, Positive attitude, Pro-social behaviour, Values

General IQ:
Motivation to learn Explore ideas Memory Concentration Organisation

Creative Thinking:
Generate ideas , Visualise, Invent

Problem Solving:
Critical thinking, Positive attitude, Actions

Character Development:
Manage emotions (Emotional Intelligence), Adapt to a new environment, Communication Process, (PCM), Training Leadership

: English, Chinese, Awareness of different cultures

Achieve Intended Goals
: Our educational programme is intended to bring out the best in your child to ensure he/she reaches his/her full potential and give them an advantage that sets the groundwork for their path through life.

StartSmart(r): Our child development programme evolved from psychological evaluations with fun games and activities (exercises for the brain) to strengthen memory,logic and critical thinking to give your child a head start on the educational ladder.

The C.I.S. Environment:

* Low classroom numbers for individual attention.

*Informal classroom layout to stimulate each child to work at their own pace.

* All games, topics and themed events are designed to promote a natural curiosity to learn.

* Extensive use of music, learning toys, word games, story time, role play and interactive activities.

* Exercises for the brain to strengthen memory, logic and critical thinking.

* Tai Chi to start every morning

* Fun and interactive teaching for up to 6 years old

* Learning support available


'Let a 100 flowers bloom, let a 100 schools of thought contend'.

"The foundation for a learning journey through life."