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Our School Curriculum is custom designed using the best of Montessori and Traditional Teaching together with our innovative StartSmart4kids  (r) brain development activities and games. We have designed programmes for each year group as a whole for group teaching as well as individual programmes designed for each child's creative needs.

The School Curriculum emphasis is on bilingual (English/Chinese) reading and writing.
We introduce to your child a broad range of other subjectsNumeracy, mathematics, reading, writing, culture, science and literature topics, art and painting, design, ICT, music, ballet and movement, dance, drama, games, physical education/gym and sport.

There will be psychological evaluations to aid children’s learning abilities.

If we understand we can find the answers.

We can customise teaching to ensure your child reaches his/her full potential. Please click on the links below for StartSmart4kids (r) and
Brain Development
We start every day with a session of
Tai-Chi for Kids .

Major benefits:-

* Small classes
* High ratio of staff to children 
* Healthy Food
* Safe, secure and welcoming environment

* Structured play for character development
* Topical activities
* Dual English/Chinese teaching curriculum for reading, writing and numbers 
* Supervised outdoor play
* Story time
* Supervised rest time
* Musical movement
* Physical education
* Music

* Qualified teachers leading the curriculum and academic development
* Psychological evaluation available as an aid to structured teaching

“Start as you mean to go on”

Early year’s education is important and the foundation for a child’s future development as a well balanced child. We develop good social functions, IQ, concentration and values.

We offer a friendly and secure learning/playing space to inspire and give a positive attitude through learning by hands on play and physical activities.

All children are different and the St. Edmund’s environment will encourage the children to feel positive about themselves and quickly develop spiritually, culturally, socially as well as academically.



"The foundation for a learning journey through life."



Key Differences between Montessori, Traditional and the Cambridge International Schools StartSmart4kids (r) approach to Education:-

Montessori: based on helping the natural development of the human being
Traditional: based on the transfer of a fixed stock of knowledge
StartSmart4kids: Both

Montessori: Children follow their own individual interest in deciding what to learn.
Traditional - children learn accordingly to a set curriculum which is the same for everyone.
CIS StartSmart4kids: The children learn at their own pace and style, but we help each child to be stimulated to follow our customised curriculum.

Montessori - children teach themselves using materials specially prepared for the purpose.
Traditional -
 children are taught everything by the teacher.
CIS StartSmart4kids: We adopt a 'hands-on' approach, but leave the children 'to discover' for themselves.

Montessori - understanding comes through the manipulation of materials and the promotion of children's ability to find things out for themselves.
Traditional - learning is based on the memorisation of facts and is limited to what is given .
CIS StartSmart4kids: We create the environment for each child to excel with activities that will enhance their emotional, regulatory and social development as well as increase their maths and language skills through structured teaching.