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The St Edmund's Campus is the first of our Cambridge Kindergartens in China and specifically for 2-6 year olds using our customised programme incorporating both Montessori and traditional teaching with Brain Development methods 'StartSmart4kids'  (r) to prepare your child for secondary/preparatory school.

This gives your child an advantage by being in a bilingual English and Chinese learning environment from an early age. Throughout life, from the moment your child is born he/she is in a learning process and every parent strives to give their child the best possible start on this learning process positioning their child with an advantage to develop an enquiring mind to both study for knowledge and to observe for wisdom.
We, at Cambridge Kindergartens Group, aim to give your child an advantage over his/her peers through our comprehensive and motivational teaching methods and individual child assessments to allow our teachers to support and develop each child's learning ability and confidence.

“Whoever neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead to the future.”  
Euripides 480-404 B.C. (Ancient Greek playwright).

Children who join us will be well catered for in a friendly, safe and caring environment, with interesting and fun activities to promote learning and prepare pupils for future schools whether abroad or at home.
Chinese Kindergartens. Kindergartens in China

"The foundation for a learning journey through life."

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