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The Chinese Government is committed to encouraging education including privately run schools (Ministry of Education Guidelines 29/7/2010). For kindergartens there is a target of an additional 7 million children to enter kindergartens/pre schools by 2015. As a nation the  Chinese value foreign brands in general along with international teaching methods, especially in the niche markets of pre-school and bilingual learning. There is a shortage of 250,000 places for kindergartens in Bejing alone.

We at Cambridge International are developing a brand of bilingual kindergarten and pre-school (for 2-6 year olds) based on traditional English and Chinese curriculums, Montessori learning techniques and mind development psychological skills to promote and maximise child development to give our pupils an advantage over their peers when they enter the next stage of education.

Those fortunate children who join us will be well catered for in a friendly, safe and caring environment, with interesting and fun activities to promote learning and prepare pupils for future schools whether abroad or at home.

Our first school campus - St Edmunds will open in Bejing and then the formula will be replicated to other areas of Bejing and major cities, together with developing the brand through joint ventures. The directors are interested to talk to property owners and developers about use of future possible buildings and sites in any areas where there is a demand for an international bilingual kindergarten and preschool.and possible ways of co-operation. Please email the chairman at for an initial contact.

“Whoever neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead
  to the future.”

Euripides 480-404 B.C. (Ancient Greek playwright).

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